The most common materials for hooks are plastics and alloys

The most common materials for hooks are plastics and alloys.

For the thickness of the fabric of the shower curtain, the thicker the fabric, the better. The too thick fabric tends to affect the breathability and waterproof performance of the shower curtain. It is not easy to dry when exposed to water. It is easy to cause mildew when used for a long time, and is relatively thin. Shower curtain, if the fabric draping feels good, it is also a good product, very comfortable to use.

good shower curtain is to look at design, craftsmanship, workmanship, details, printing effects, and more. Generally, the thickness is usually 0.1-0.15mm. The simplest comparison method is the shower curtain of the same size and the same weight, so the thickness can be determined. In addition, I would like to explain to you that many buyers have misunderstandings that the thick PEVA of PVC is thin. This statement is wrong. Any material is thick and thin, and the thickness is related to the material used for production and has nothing to do with the material.

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